Honda Buys Virtual Billboard Space In Car Town

Car manufacturer Honda has purchased advertising space on a virtual billboard in the Facebook social game Car Town, as part of a branded in-game promotion for Honda’s new CR-Z sport hybrid coupe. Car Town is a social game devoted to letting players spend virtual currency to buy virtual reproductions of real-world car models. Owners can store the cars in their own virtual garages or use them to take jobs and race with other players.

Honda is scheduled to run its promotion with Car Town for the next two months. All in-game billboards will feature clickable ads advertising the CR-Z. Users see these billboards first thing upon logging into Car Town, next to the garage where players store their cars. Honda will also have a Featured Garage in the game, an area where users can visit to watch promotional videos featuring the CR-Z and buy virtual CR-Zs using virtual currency.

The in-game CR-Z has practical as well as aesthetic features. Beyond resembling the CR-Z, it’s a car that can traverse both beach and snowy terrain. The CR-Z will remain as an in-game Car Town car even after the other aspects of the promotion end on October 23. Car Town launched earlier this month, on August 9. Despite how new Car Town is, even by social game standards, it will still be Honda’s first partner in a social gaming campaign.

[via Mashable]

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