Gamify Announces Gamify Platform

Gamification service Gamify today launched its own Website,, and announced its new the beta version of its Gamify Platform. The Gamify Platform is a universal gamification platform that partners can use in conjunction with the Gamify Expert Network. The Gamify Platform is designed to be able to gamify any connected system including Web, mobile, ecommerce, entertainment, work, education, and social good systems. Partners can track user engagement and loyalty through real-time analytics features and advanced controls.

“We believe that gamification is the most significant trend to affect our society since social networks. Just like Facebook has, it will add great value to our lives and improve them by making life more fun and creating new ways for us to interact with the world around us. We are inspired by all the brilliant people in the gamification community who are excited by all the possibilities and we’re proud to be the first ones building a platform for them,” said Nathan Lands, CEO and co-founder of Gamify, in a press statement.

Partners who use the Gamify Platform can access a Gamify “App Store” that contains a variety of customizable widgets, game mechanics, and reward programs that can be downloaded and implemented quickly in online services, Websites, and mobile apps. Gamify began documenting the gamification trend last year with its Gamification Encyclopedia, which turned into the hub of the Gamify Expert Network. Gamify says the Gamification Encyclopedia is now one of the most-visited sources of gamification information, featuring over 200 articles and growing traffic by an average of 333% new visitors per month.

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