Recruiting at SXSW used to be done in the hallways, in the back alley or on street corners. Looking for a job at SXSW used to be a mess. Conversely, employers looking for talent were left to their own devices. Not so this year.  In just 24 days, as SXSW 2012 kicks off, recruiting will come to its own at SXSW with the new Tech Career Expo @ SXSW (March 9-10 at the Austin Music Hall).

Just as the SXSW Accelerator does a fantastic job of catering to the founder/entrepreneur and investor-attendee at SXSW, the Tech Career Expo serves the needs of the professional eager to accelerate their career with a new, exciting position.  If multibillion-dollar companies are formed from business models on cocktail napkins, then why not find your next career opportunity over a beer at the iconic Austin Music Hall.

In fact, 47 companies (so far) will be showcasing 2,000+ careers that range from Cloud Architect to Director of Brand Marketing. Participating companies include public companies:  Dell (NASDAQ:DELL), Groupon (NASDAQ:GRPN), (NYSE:CRM); late stage startups and industry leaders such as Bazaarvoice, Rackspace Hosting, PulsePoint, WhaleShark Media; and exciting early-stage startups such as TabbedOut, Pixykids, MapMyFITNESS, Inc., and NBCUniversal, Inc. (okay, just kidding on that last one).

Regardless of your interest and passion, the Tech Career Expo @ SXSW is the first place to be start your next career adventure. Don’t just interview. Come down to the Austin Music Hall and talk shop.

this post was originally published on our Tech Career Expo blog.

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