Virtual world IMVU announced that it generated over $112,000 in revenue off of a single test of a group buying offer for virtual currency. The offer, called the IMVU Crew-pon, gave users 72 hours to commit to spending $99 USD in exchange for 200,000 IMVU credits. This wasa a 50% discount that let users save $100 off the usual cost of the 200,000 credit bundle. IMVU users can spend IMVU credits on the virtual world’s catalog of virtual goods, which includes over six million items. During the 72-hour deal IMVU sold over 1,126 Crew-pons.

IMVU has spent the past year aggressively promoting and growing its services.  IMVU launched its first localized client for an international audience in Swedish, with planned localizations in Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish to follow. IMVU also launched its first client for Mac and a mobile client for iPod Touch and iPhone called IMVU to go. The virtual world also added support for in-world social games and partnered with social game distributors Viximo, Heyzap, and OMGPOP.

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