3G Studios has launched its new social game based on The Dating Game on Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Hi5, Friendster, and Bebo. The game is based on the look and feel of the classic 1960s series and does not actually include any dating site components. Players choose to be a bachelor or bachelorette and must decide between three suitors through three rounds of gameplay and compatibility questions. Game modes included from the original game show include Question and Answer, Word Association, and Ad Lib.

“We have received great feedback from the beta phase of The Dating Game and have realized more than ever how many people have personal experiences or funny stories about their dating past that they love to share with others,” said CEO of 3G Studios, James Kosta, in a press statement. “We’ve enjoyed incorporating those humorous and provocative morsels of the real-life ‘dating game’ into a light-hearted and fun virtual space and know that the social nature of The Dating Game will be an engaging interactive experience for people throughout the world.”

Players in The Dating Game earn two virtual currencies, points and hearts, by playing rounds of the game. Players can spend those currencies on premium virtual goods, including virtual gifts and special avatar features. The Dating Game supports multiplayer activity, allowing users to play the game against other users from their friends list. Regardless of relationship status, 3G wants players to enjoy the question-and-answer gameplay and find out more about their friends.

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