Media Chaperone is partnering with tween social network Everloop and virtual world Webosaurs to integrate support for its Piggyback Facebook application for parents.  Piggyback is a solution for parents designed to help them monitor their child’s activity (or progress) in favorite virtual worlds or social games. Piggyback delivers parental notifications in real time, which helps parents monitor a child’s spending in a freemium online game. Media Chaperone says Piggyback is designed specifically to prevent situations where a child overspends in a game due to a lack of parental supervision.

Piggyback also offers built-in support for Facebook Credits that lets parents using the app make one-click purchases for a child’s account, even in partners like Everloop and Webosaurs that aren’t built on the Facebook platform. Media Chaperone says this feature will help partners acquire new users and increase conversion rates. Media Chaperone CEO and co-founder Ed Lewis will co-present “Parent and Player Involvement In Social Media” at the Engage Expo and Conference at the Javits Convention Center on February 16 at 3 PM in Room 3.

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  1. [...] partners include Whyworld, Planet Cazmo, Woozworld, Everloop, and Webosaurs. Prior to this round, Media Chaperone raised a $250,000 round of angel funding. Piggyback includes [...]