Zattikka‘s upcoming Monty Python-branded Ministry of Silly Games social game is going to include virtual world features provided by the UK developer Dubit Platform. The virtual world element will be included as part of a narrative that ties together a social game that is otherwise primarily a collection of mini-games. Players in the Ministry of Silly Games take on the role of the General Minister, whose duty is to keep the Ministry’s engine room running by playing a time-management game. The Ministry of Silly Games will launch in Q1 2011 and is currently accepting beta testers.

“Ever since we built our first virtual world ten years ago we’ve been aware that narrative is integral to a successful game. All the elements that go to make up The Ministry of Silly Games are great fun and really benefit from the Python humour. However, this is more than a collection of fun mini-games. Dubit and Zattikka want players, especially Python fans, to feel like they are part of the adventure and this is achieved through the implementation of the virtual world and narrative,” said Dubit Platform CTO Matthew Warneford, in a press statement.

The virtual world element of The Ministry of Silly Games will tie in to its business model. Users will be able to buy virtual goods that help them customize their avatars using a virtual currency called Groats. Users can earn Groats in-game or purchase them in bulk using real money. The Ministry of Silly Games will accept, at the very least, both credit card and mobile payments. Dubit Platform began developing virtual worlds in 2000, with the 3D virtual world Dubit Chat. Dubit Platform has since produced virtual worlds for clients including the BBC, Cartoon Network, Summertime Entertainment, The Only The Brave Foundation, and Diesel Jeans.

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