Nexon America has announced that developers Antic Entertainment and One2Tribe will share $1 million in funding awarded to them through the Nexon Initiative, for the development of games for Nexon’s worldwide publishing network. The Nexon Initiative is a program Nexon launched in spring of last year to identify and fund new game development projects that aligned with Nexon’s publishing interests.  The Nexon Initiative received 115 submissions from developers in 26 countries.

Antic Entertainment is headquartered in London, Ontario and was founded in 2008 by Fredrick Liljegren, Mark Mikulec, and Jeff Evans. Antic specializes in developing casual games and will develop a social game for Nexon. One2Tribe is a Polish studio founded in 2003 by Wojciech Ozimek and Aleksander Solecki. It specializes in developing MMORPGs. Its project for Nexon as part of the Nexon Initiative was not disclosed. Nexon will co-develop the Nexon Initiative projects alongside the winning developers.

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