Andreas Weidenhaupt has announced that he will step down from his current role as CEO of Frogster Online Gaming in April. The Frogster board of directors will take over his duties. Weidenhaupt will remain with Frogster Online Gaming as a consultant. Frogster Online Gaming is the publisher of the freemium online MMO Runes of Magic as well as the subscription MMO TERA.  Weidenhaupt has been CEO of Frogster Online Gaming since 2008. Weidenhaupt was also the founder and general manager of Frogster subsidiary, a games portal.

Weidenhaupt joined Frogster Online’s board of directors in 2009, assuming the duties of Chief Licensing Manager. The company credits Weidenhaupt for licensing Runes of Magic from its original Taiwanese developer and adapting the game for Western audiences. He also licensed TERA and Mythos from other developers as well as an unnamed MMO from Shanda Games. All of these titles will be published in 2011 or 2012. Weidenhaupt’s departure comes only four months after another division of the company, Frogster Interactive, ousted three executives who went on to form a rival freemium online games firm, Neonga.

[via Worlds in Motion]

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