Mobile social gaming network Scoreloop is now acquiring new users at the rate of 1 million per week. This is up from over 3 million new users per month as of November 2010. In addition, Scoreloop served over 100 million game sessions in 2010 where a user actively used Scoreloop’s social features to initiate a game. More than 350 million high scores were uploaded through Scoreloop by gamers in the past 12 months, roughly 11 new high scores per second. Scoreloop’s mobile social gaming network provides tools for developers to connect users through social features, boost engagement, increase monetization, incentive users, and cross-promote games.

“One million new users a week is a magic number for Scoreloop, and it’s proof that users are actively taking advantage of the social element that we’re enabling thousands of developers to creatively integrate into their mobile games,” said Marc Gumpinger, CEO of Scoreloop, in a press statement. “Today’s announcement represents an accelerating rate of growth that’s no doubt driven by the significant SDK uptake and an increasing number of developers using our tools to leverage the freemium model.”

Scoreloop can provide virtual items including decorative themes that change a game’s look and in-game virtual goods that boost performance, both of which friends can opt to share with each other. Developers can use this social channel as a marketing tool and to drive higher daily active use. Scoreloop says its SDK is fully white-label and customizable for integration into a game’s pre-existing user interface and graphical style. Scoreloop’s SDK can be used by developers, OEMs, and mobile operators to increase monetization of mobile content.

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