Electronic Arts-owned social developer Playfish has announced that it serves a total audience of 55 million monthly active users, a group of people larger than the population of England (but not the entire UK). Playfish serves 37.7 million MAU on Facebook according to AppData, so the additional 17.3 million users are coming from other platforms like MySpace. Players worldwide have installed Playfish games over 340 million times, which equates to at least one Playfish game for every person in the United States.

Playfish transacts over 90 million virtual items to its players daily. Playfish says this means its transaction volume is nine times that of real-world online retailer eBay and there is reason to believe all of these virtual items are being sold for real money. In Playfish’s Pet Society game, users have purchased over 187 million pairs of shoes and over 1.7 billion apples. In Playfish’s Restaurant  City, players have opened over 57 million restaurants, which is 60 times greater than the 945,000 restaurants that exist in the real US. (Of course, Restaurant City restaurants never go out of business.)

Stats from other games include 2.2 million football franchises started in Madden NFL Superstars, 79.4 million virtual pets in Pet Society, 10.9 million Roman cities founded in My Empire, 10.6 million soccer teams founded in FIFA Superstars, and over 25 million hotels opened in Hotel City. Playfish (now tracked as Electronic Arts) is the third-largest developer on Facebook, behind Zynga and CrowdStar. Playfish issued the information through its official website, in the form of an infographic. The original infographic is reproduced below.

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