Glu Mobile‘s effort to reposition itself as a freemium game publisher has hit a major milestone. Deer Hunter Challenge, the freemium version of Atari’s Deer Hunter franchise, has been downloaded over 2 million times in its first 20 days of availability in Apple’s App Store. Deer Hunter mobile games have been downloaded over 10 million times, counting Deer Hunter Challenge’s downloads. Deer Hunter Challenge offers full 3D environments based on real-world locations like Alaska and Patagonia, where players can hunt virtual animals.

Deer Hunter Challenge also features customizable avatars, a variety of exotic game animals to hunt, a variety of different hunting weapons including shotguns and bows, and support through regular game updates. Glu Mobile plans to add new hunting locations, new weapons, new avatar gear, and organized online tournament support to the game in the future. Glu Mobile began repositioning itself as a freemium publisher beginning in November, in the face of shrinking download revenues.

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