The US-based branch of Chinese MMO publisher ChangYou is partnering with InComm‘s Zeevex to offer cash-based alternative payments to its users. Players of ChangYou’s freemium MMORPGs Zentia, Dragon Oath, and Blade Wars can now purchase Zeevex prepaid cards at over 41,000 major retail locations and spend Zeev Tokens to buy virtual goods. ChangYou players can also buy Zeev Tokens through ChangYou’s official Token Shop and trade them with other users through Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter.

ChangYou launched its US-based publishing arm in June of this year. In China, ChangYou is one of the country’s biggest freemium MMORPG publishers, posting quarterly revenue over $85 million earlier this year. There the company is in the process of moving into a massive $146 million Beijing office building. The US publishing business is part of a ChangYou initiative to learn more about localizing its product for foreign markets. Earlier this year, ChangYou US partnered with the social network for gamers Raptr to help grow its audience.

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