Summertime Entertainment today announced Adventure in Oz, a virtual world based on the Oz franchise. The virtual world is designed for “children of all ages” and will allow them to go on whimsical adventures of the sort that appear in the Oz novels and films. Adventure in Oz will also include new Oz content created by Roger Stanton Baum, grandson of Oz creator L. Frank Baum. Users will be able to play games, learn new things, and meet enduring Oz characters including Dorothy, Toto, the Tin Woodsman, Scarecrow, and the Cowardly Lion.

“Oz is a magical, established location that children, adults and families alike have appreciated for decades through a wide array of wonderful, timeless movies and books,” said Transmedia Producer James Jones, in a press statement. “Adventure in Oz is being carefully designed and structured, along with an array of interactive media, to allow something for truly every type, background, and age of user to enjoy as they virtually explore familiar and new corners of the irresistible, quintessentially classic, and always surprising land that is Oz.”

Adventure in Oz will be produced by Ryan and Roland Carroll, the founders of Summertime Entertainment. The virtual world’s developer will be KZero Worldswide, a leading virtual worlds and goods company, working alongside UK virtual world developer Dubit. Producing licensed virtual worlds is a specialty of Dubit’s, which has worked with companies including the BBC, Cartoon Network, Motorola, Sky Movies, Real Madrid, Diesel Jeans, and The British Museum. Adventure in Oz is planned to launch in January 2011.

Summertime Entertainment is also currently producing an animated film based on the Oz license called Dorothy of Oz. Summertime Entertainment is a multi-media content producer that specializes in family-friendly entertainment for film, television, digital, mobile, and transmedia platforms. Summertime Entertainment consists of founders and filmmakers Ryan and Roland Carroll, with Rene Torres and James A. Jones as its executive team.

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