Teen social network myYearbook is partnering with fraud prevention firm ThreatMatrix to help control online fraud and abuse. myYearbook selected ThreatMatrix in part because its solutions do not require use of personally identifiable information. MyYearbook serves over 25 million registered users, many of them legally minors. ThreatMatrix will fight the most prevalent form of fraud on myYearbook, fraudulent new account registrations. ThreatMatrix Fraud Network uses anonymous data to prevent account origination fraud.

“Our goal is to eliminate fake and scripted registrations,” said Rich Friedman, Vice President of Software Engineering at myYearbook, in a press statement. “Fraudsters create fake registrations for the purpose of spamming our members and then re-direct them to another site. We want to take a proactive approach by preventing spam at the point of registration to limit abuse and maintain the integrity of our brand.  We felt that ThreatMetrix’ browser-side fraud detection and rules-based approach was the strongest and most reliable of all the vendors we reviewed.”

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