American Express and Zynga have announced a American Express customers will be able to spend their Membership Rewards points to obtain limited edition virtual goods, virtual prepaid game cards, and physical prepaid game cards for Zynga’s games. American Express is the first financial services provider to offer virtual goods and currency as a redemption reward for members. The new partnership between Zynga and American Express will also include joint marketing initiatives and exclusive deals for both American Express and Zynga users.

Among the exclusive limited edition items available to American Express customers will be manors and windmills for FarmVille, fountains and stoves for Cafe World, and roadsters and robots for YoVille. Redemption offers will begin at 200 points. Virtual goods immediately available will include the FarmVille Purple Cow (540 MR points), FarmVille Manx Cat (435 MR points), Cafe World Amex Lightning Stove (1945 points), Cafe World Amex Outdoor Fountain (1080 points), $25 and $50 prepaid virtual currency cards (2500 and 5000 points), and $2, $10, and $25 denominations of virtual currency (200 points, 1000 points, 2500 points).

The virtual currency denominations and physical prepaid cards available through the American Express Membership Rewards promotion can be spent in any Zynga game, including FrontierVille, FarmVille, PetVille, YoVille, Treasure Isle, and Cafe World. On December 6 another 20 exclusive virtual goods will be made available for Membership Rewards, including the FrontierVille Fancy Gold Hot Tub, FrontierVille Fancy Gold Fountain, Treasure Island Zebra, and the FarmVille Golden Retriever.

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3 Responses to Amex And Zynga Partner For Virtual Good And Currency Card Rewards

  1. Joe Wagner says:

    I believe that Zynga games on Facebook require Facebook Credits. If this is the case, I wonder if Zynga Points redeemed for Amex Membershp Rewards will be usable on Facebook for Zynga games.

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