Anime-focused virtual world TinierMe is partnering with US anime distributor FUNimation to launch a promotional campaign for the anime series Black Butler and Black Butler II. The promotion will include a line of limited edition branded virtual Black Butler items users can buy for their avatars. Black Butler virtual items available will include clothing, facial expressions, and hairstyles. Fans of the shows can also receive news updates about them through TinierMe.

“Collaborating with TinierMe fits FUNimation’s plans to move aggressively into the digital space and ensure we go wherever our fans are. Given that Black Butler has a rich world of fashion within and that our fans love to create costumes based on characters from the series, Tinier Me is a natural partner since they offer a premier fashion experience to their users online,” said Adam Zehner, Director of Acquisitions and Licensing at FUNimation, in a press statement.

The two Black Butler anime series follow Sebastian Michaelis, a demon butler who is bound by a contract to serve a twelve-year-old aristocrat called Ciel Phantomhive. After Ciel finishes all of his business in the mortal world, including avenging the death of his parents, Sebastian will get Ciel’s soul. The entire 24-episode Black Butler series is available for online streaming now from FUNimation, with a DVD release scheduled to begin in January 2011.

Black Butler II is currently airing on Japanese TV and can be streamed online from FUNimation. This series introduces new cast members including another demon butler like Sebastian. Both Black Butler series are adapted from a manga by Yana Toboso that is published in the US by Yen Press. Both volumes of Black Butler manga released in the US have made the New York Times Manga Bestseller list. In Japan, Black Butler was one of the top ten best-selling manga for 2009.

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