The Only The Brave Foundation has launched a charity-themed virtual world on the Dubit platform. The virtual world is based on the real-world village of Dioro, built in Mali by the Only the Brave Foundation. The virtual world's goal is to raise awareness of the Millennium Promise and Millennium Villages Project and drive more donations for the real-world Dioro. Users can log into the virtual world using Facebook Connect. 

"I don’t think young kids today will be moved to action by yet another touching clip shot in Africa. They need to see with their eyes and interact to see that it’s all real and that they can do something, however small, about the situation, going straight to the field, and not having to go through huge organizations which they might not feel comfortable with," said Renzo Rosso, President of Only the Brave Foundation, in a press statement. 

Ross is also the CEO of Diesel. The virtual world is a recreation of a village built by the Only the Brave Foundation in Mali called Dioro, which plays host to 20,000 real-life inhabitants. Users visiting the virtual world can adopt an avatar, meet virtual villagers, walk around the village, experience day-to-day African life, look at real world images of Dioro, watch videos about live in Dioro, and donate to the project.  

Visitors to the virtual Dioro will be able to respond to the needs of the real villagers through the virtual world. If a visitor comes to a school and notices that there aren't enough desks, the visitor will be able to immediately make a charitable donation through mobile payments toward getting the school more desks. Users of the virtual world can post notifications about it to Facebook through Facebook Connect, growing awareness of the cause. 

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