Crisp Thinking has signed eight new deals to bring NetModerator software into top youth-oriented MMOs and virtual worlds. Crisp Thinking's new clients are Ubisoft, Electronic Arts, the LEGO Group, Kidzbop, Sweety High, Vizwoz, Bin Weevils, and WeeWorld. Crisp Thinking attributes the new deals to a rise in the popularity of social and online gaming.

"As online social gaming and interacting have become part of our daily lives, Crisp has emerged as an essential tool for online businesses in the social space. More than 84 million young people around the world upload and download content every day. Socialising via web and mobile technology is part of our daily routine – it's how we communicate," said Adam Hildreth, CEO of Crisp Thinking, in a press statement.

Crisp's single-platform Community Management Software automates many moderation functions, keeps companies COPPA-compliant, is proven 98.4% accurate in detection of online predators, and saves more than 80% in costs over a traditional human moderation team.  Effectively, Crisp says its technology lets virtual worlds grow exponentially without increasing moderation costs at the same rate. 

Other Crisp Thinking partners include Moshi Monsters, ZuCamp, Masher Media, WishB, Nemo Enterprises, Webbliworld, Rocket21, Smart Bomb Interactive, Talentnation, Flipoutz, Sony Online Entertainment, and Cartoon Network. Crisp Thinking offers a special MMO-targeted version of NetModerator and supports multiple languages.

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One Response to Crisp Thinking Signs Eight New Partners

  1. Wow, Kidzbop and the Lego Group? I’d love to see how NetModerator functions. As someone who hired, trained and managed human moderators for a very high-traffic news website, I’m very curious about the automation, particularly with websites frequented by minors. With such a stellar client list, it must be damn good.
    Angela Connor
    Author, “18 Rules of Community Engagement”