Today European ad offer network SponsorPay announced that it had boosted the revenue of 3D virtual world Smeet by over 60% through an in-world integration. In addition, SponsorPay found that 21% of users who accepted ad offers in Smeet later converted to direct payments. SponsorPay integrated ad offers into Smeet by linking ad offer banners directly to a SponsorPay iframe and placing promotional SponsorPay avatars throughout the Smeet world. 

"Thanks to SponsorPay, we experienced a massive inflow of new paying customers – about one-fifth of the users who received Smeet Coins with free offers from SponsorPay later returned to purchase Coins using PayPal, PaybyCall, SMS, credit cards or other options," said Sebastian Funke, Smeet's CEO and co-founder. "The number of paying customers increased significantly. This proves that SponsorPay is not only a strong addition but actually boosts our regular payment options."

SponsorPay says that these in-world integrations drove the 60% rise in Smeet revenue because they focused user attention on the offers better than more traditional types of integrations, which involve leaving the world to visit iframe offer walls. By introducing users to ad offers in this way, SponsorPay says that it was able to better introduce users to the concept of ad offer monetization. The deep integration allowed Smeet to reach users who otherwise probably would not have monetized at all.

Smeet is a virtual world designed to let users meet and chat in a social environment, creating avatars or rooms of their own. Users can get acquainted by playing multiplayer games and watching online videos together. Users can also try to time time-based virtual currency and communicate via voice chat. Smeet is a European virtual world that serves over 3 million users throughout Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Greece, and Poland. 

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