Live Gamer announced today that it will provide virtual economy services in Electronic Arts's PC and online games. EA will integrate Live Gamer's Elements system in its global IT systems and use it to augment already-extant ecommerce systems. The addition of Elements will add new payment gateways, merchandising, analytics, virtual gifting, time-based virtual currency, virtual goods storefronts, catalog management, and cash flow management technologies to EA's online games. 

"The big players in the industry are moving [online] aggressively. Rather than building this technology themselves, they're partnering with Live Gamer to bring these games online in a more meaningful and aggressive way. They're focusing on the creative developing, marketing, and community. They're not worrying about the microtransaction platform. When you see the big guys getting into the space, it validates the business," said Live Gamer President and co-founder Andrew Schneider. 

This announcement comes within a week of Live Gamer announcing similar deals with Company of Heroes Online publisher THQ and Real Networks' GameHouse platform. Other Live Gamer partners include Armchair Revolution and Sony Online Entertainment. Live Gamer has also integrated a lot of third-party services into its platform, including Kount fraud control, ad offer network Supersonic Ads, and payment services like Clickandbuy

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