Welcome to the Virtual Worlds News Wrap-Up for the week of May 29, 2010. The Wrap-Up is where VWN spotlights stories that we didn't get to cover individually, but still make for interesting reading about the virtual worlds industry.

  • Jagex, Bigpoint Partner For RuneScape In France, Germany: Casual and social Euro gaming portal Bigpoint will be localizing the free-to-play MMO RuneScape into French and German for distribution to its 120 million regular users. 
  • Japan's Ameba Pico Virtual World Hits 1M Users In 90 Days: The anime-style Facebook virtual world app Ameba Pico has picked up 1 million registered users in less than three months of US launch. Users can visit 20 different locations in the virtual world, purchase virtual goods, and create an avatar up over 5000 customization options.  
  • Virtual World Pyramid Scam Prompts Raids On Net Service: A company called Biz International was raided by Japanese police for using its Xing World virtual world as part of a pyramid scheme involving the sale of virtual properties that didn't exist in any sense. Before the police raid, Biz International had recruited 26,000 members into the scam and collected $110 million.  

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