Zynga and Facebook are setting aside their differences and committing to each other for a five-year "strategic relationship." The terms of the deal were not disclosed explicitly, but the release promises to increase "their shared commitment to social gaming on Facebook" while also making Facebook Credits more widely available in Zynga's games going forward. In short, the Facebook/Zynga split that looked increasingly likely last week has been safely averted. 

Without explicit terms of the deal available, it's unclear what the deal means to other Facebook developers. While Zynga's declining MAU stats have generated the most coverage, virtually all of the top publishers and games have lost traffic throughout Q1 2010. It is also unclear whether or not Facebook will be cutting similar deals with any top social developers besides Zynga.  All that is really clear from the announcement is that Facebook Credits will definitely be marching on and Zynga's Zlive may never see the light of day. 

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