The South Korean MMO developer Anipark has announced that it will license Epic Games's Unreal Engine 3 for use in its next two upcoming games. One is an online baseball game called MaguMagu, the other is an untitled sequel to Anipark's "mature" MMORPG Project A3. Both games will use Unreal Engine 3 to craft persistent virtual 3D environments. 

MaguMagu will use real-world player data that Anipark has collected over time, which lead to Anipark's decision to use Unreal Engine 3. MaguMagu Development Director Kwon Min Kwan stated that Anipark felt it needed an engine that would be able to integrate "massive amounts of integrated data easily and efficiently." 

The licensing deal will go through Epic Games's wholly-owned subsidiary Epic Games Korea, which was founded in 2009. Epic Korea's primary task is to try and cultivate and support Unreal Engine 3 licensees in the Korean game development community. Korean game development is, generally, dominated by free-to-play or time-based MMORPGs that feature persistent virtual worlds. 

[via Worlds in Motion]

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