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Virtual Worlds News Wrap-Up for the week of April 30, 2010. The Wrap-Up
is where VWN spotlights stories that we didn't get to cover
individually, but still make for interesting reading about the virtual
worlds industry.

  • Iron Man 2 is getting a broad promotion in Sony's PlayStation Home, reports Kotaku. users can assemble the Iron Man armor as a virtual outfit and play a themed mini-game. Interestingly, this is first movie-related game inside Home. It's also not getting its own room, but living inside of the Audi virtual space, which could be a great cross-promotion for the car maker. 
  • Free Realms, which currently boasts over 10 million registered users in its free-to-play casual MMO, is heading from the Web to the living room soon. When Sony first announced the title, it came with plans to head to the PlayStation 3 as well as computers, but so far there hasn't been any movement. Kotaku reports, though, that Sony will be debuting Free Realms on the PlayStation at E3. 
  • In Britain the £20m South Shields Community School won't be open until fall 2011, but it's already getting a version in Second Life courtesy of Vector 76, reports NEBusiness.

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