It's spring, and that means prom season, both in person and in virtual worlds. WeeWorld is hosting one this month with music from stars like Justin Bieber, who has also launched his own WeeMee virtual goods look, and Jason Derulo, who will also be available for a live chat tonight.

"His music is also playing at the prom every night this month. Bieber and his music are also well-integrated into the prom experience. I guess it's the best prom ever. Not sure there will be a real-life prom with both playing," CEO Celia Francis told Virtual Worlds News.

And like the real-world's prom, the virtual prom can be big business for retail. Francis says there's a definite "uptick in virtual goods sales for prom."

Some of the similarities end there, though. While many users go with dates, Francis estimates that about half are attending the virtual prom with friends they know from the physical world. Others go stag and simply ask for "dates" at the prom to hang out with for a few minutes while they play in the virtual world.

"The physical prom happens once a year and then it's over. The WeeWorld prom can be re-lived again and again throughout the month," said Francis. "Sometimes you just go and watch. Sometimes you dance and get everyone else to jump. Sometimes you ask the cute boy standing next to you if he wants to be your date. Sometimes he asks you. A virtual prom is a way to role-play and see all the possibilities play out for a Prom. Some of it is just simply — it's fun. Good music, friends, places to explore."

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