Dinglepharb Studios announced today that it has partnered with Heyzap to expand the reach of the upcoming virtual world, Woldtown, beyond Facebook. Set to launch on April 28, Dinglepharb's Woldtown is based on the Chinese social game VVDragon and will let users play with their Facebook social network. Heyzap, powered by Facebook Connect, takes social games to any website while letting users maintain their network, accounts, virtual goods, and so on.

Additionally, and maybe more importantly, Heyzap says it factors in viral loops above and beyond Facebook's, including stream posting, friend inviting, user gifting, tweeting, and email imports. So far Heyzap says social game developers can take their titles to 175,000 partner websites in the Heyzap network.

“With such an innovative and fun-to-play game as Woldtown, we definitely had the millions of Facebook users across the world in mind, as the vibrant colors and fully 3D world is unlike anything the platform has ever seen,” said Nathan Agulto, CEO of Dinglepharb Studios. “But we didn’t want to limit our users to only those with Facebook accounts, and Heyzap’s one-of-a-kind technology and incredible industry partnerships will allow us to showcase Woldtown to an amount of people and sites that simply wouldn’t be possible on our own.”

Dinglepharb also recently announced a strategic partnership with gWallet to monetize Woldtown.

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