Crisp Thinking announced today the launch of NetModerator for MMOs, expanding its real-time community management software from virtual worlds to MMOs. The new take on NetModerator allows MMOs to apply Crisp's automatic moderation and behavior profiling software to tackle problems like gold farmers and kill stealers.

Crisp has seen success with NetModerator as it was  initially launched to help prevent antisocial or dangerous behavior in kid and teen virtual worlds. Last month the company announced nine new partners and earlier this year released another version targeted at worlds for under-13 users

The newest version for MMOs moves beyond stopping cyberbullies or sexual predators and towards MMO-specific problems, like gold farmers and real-money traders. Crisp sets out activities like botting, spamming, kill stealing, theft, and gold trading as dangerous to the culture of some MMOs. It says NetModerator can identify those activities in real time and automatically intervene to enforce grame rules or flag serious attempts for follow-up.

Crisp claims that integrating NetModerator lets MMOs cut human moderation needs by 80%

 “Gold farmers, cheaters and griefers are huge threats to the long-term success of any MMO. Yet, the industry has had to adopt a passive model — waiting for players to report the problems after their experience has been ruined,” said Adam Hildreth, CEO of Crisp. “NetModerator for MMOs gives companies a weapon that lets them actively detect and deal with problems before most players even have a chance to notice.”

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