Today the virtual economy services firm Live Gamer announced the opening of a Live Gamer Exchange (LGX) for the Sony Online Entertainment freemium game Free Realms. The Live Gamer Exchange is a secondary player-to-player marketplace where players can opt to sell their in-game possessions for real money to other Free Realms players. Access to the Free Realms LGX will only be enabled for players who are eighteen and older. 

"Free Realms is the first successful, large-scale MMO in the US to support a freemium model, and Live Gamer is delighted to complete their virtual economy with a sanctioned secondary market for virtual goods," said Andrew Schneider, President and co-founder of Live Gamer.  

Officially sponsored secondary markets like LiveGamer's LGX programs allow game publishers to create tremendous reductions in fraud and other customer service issues. Allowing legitimate ways for players to sell in-game virtual currency and goods to each other makes it easier for SOE to identify and ban grey market gold sellers, who are associated with high incidents of charge back and credit card fraud. 

Live Gamer provides secondary market services for SOE titles Everquest, Everquest II, and Vanguard: Saga of Heroes. Live Gamer also provides secondary market services to freemium game publisher NHN USA. Earlier this year, Live Gamer acquired the Korean payments processor N-Cash and the virtual economy analytics firm TwoFish, allowing it to now offer complete suites of virtual economy services for partners on a global scale.  

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