Today the ad offer network TrialPay, one of the few major networks not somehow involved in the ScamVille scandal, issued a whitepaper outlining best practices developers, publishers, and advertisers should adopt in order to avoid scamming their own customers. The paper, called "Beyond Compliance," is based on guidelines TrialPay has followed since the company's inception. A free copy of the whitepaper may be downloaded here

In the paper, TrialPay discloses that some developers earn as much as 80% of their total revenue through ad offers. The paper argues that ideally ad offers provide value to consumers by giving them two products (the one purchased through the offer and their virtual currency) for the price of one. The basic idea is one at play in the four most consumer-friendly categories of ad offer: retail purchases, free trials, paid trials, and market research surveys. 

TrialPay argues that a consumer-friendly ad offer is written in a clear fashion, with explicit instructions, discloses a privacy policy, is explicit about payment terms, and are providing relevant value to consumers.  A consumer-friendly ad offer provider is described as reliably making sure all offers on its network offer real value to the consumer, has direct relationships with advertisers, ensures a positive user experience, has responsive customer service, guarantees delivery of virtual currency, and protects consumer information. 

Launched roughly six months ago, TrialPay is one of the newest of the "second generation" of ad offer providers that surfaced in 2009. Much like recently-funded start-up gWallet and the slightly older Gambit, TrialPay bills itself as offering a safer and more thoroughly filtered ad offer experience for consumers. TrialPay and gWallet have their own direct relationships to advertisers, while Gambit uses third-party affiliates. Super Rewards once used affiliates but now pulls its inventory from parent company AdKnowledge's advertising pool

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