Today the social advertising network AdNectar announced that it would conduct a branded virtual goods advertising campaign promoting 3M's Privacy Filters product range. Privacy Filters are screens that can be attached to laptop, desktop, or mobile screens to make onscreen data harder for passers-by to read in high traffic areas. The virtual goods line for the product is called "TMI" and features photographs of people caught in very embarrassing situations. 

Users can open TMI gifts and watch a commercial for Privacy Filters that features the embarrassing situation shown on the badge-like basic gift. The virtual gifts are free and can be sent from an app called "TMI Moment" that doesn't mention the Privacy Filter products explicitly. This is a clear attempt to make the TMI gifts go viral on the merits of their own entertainment value, rather than emphasizing the staid nature of 3M's product. 

AdNectar began running branded campaigns on Facebook featuring virtual gifts containing streaming videos earlier this year. Major promotions using the technology have included brands as diverse as Malibu Rum, Capitalism: A Love Story, and Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. The Privacy Filter campaign will also appear on LiveJournal

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