Gopetslogo GoPets, a site that
engages users by having them "raise" customizable 3D pets downloaded
onto their desktop, was sold to social games developer Zynga, according
to a Facebook post by GoPets founder Erick Bethke. Says Bethke on the
post: "we have sold our company into Zynga!" Bethke is now working for
Zynga in its San Francisco headquarters.

Virtual pets in the
GoPet universe operate as 3D "companions" which are downloaded to a PC
desktop; they also visit the desktops of other GoPets users. GoPets
currency buys a variety of goods for one's pet.

Commenting on
the new environment at Zynga, Bethke says, "the near-religious level of
metrics driven process is excellent. Hiring across all disciplines."

GoPets was founded in 2005, has been based in Seoul, and before the acquisition, reportedly employed 55 staffers.

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11 Responses to Zynga Acquires GoPets

  1. sugarpupy misses gopets*starts to cry* says:

    umm. . .what obout the GOPETS ENDING :’(((

  2. Someone totally shocked! says:

    This sucks, i liked gopets, and i was a premium member! What now?

  3. sugarpupy misses gopets*starts to cry* says:

    ur right. . . . I love gopets(and GoDance)but mostly,i liked my pets…man how much fans u had and whatever HOW MUCH the game is still closed,loox like please can’t convince anyone! :(

  4. gopets addict says:

    if anyone would like to keep up with this gopets matter in a forum type way, there has been a user created forum at
    most of the gossip is there, i think. join in and give it a look-see.

  5. Jacks Mom says:

    I have a 10 yr old sobbing because she’ll never see her pets again….nice job greedy Erik. Maybe a warning ahead of time would have been nice (that was a suggestion from a ten year old).

  6. A person who will mis gopets 4ever says:

    Its closed…..I was a Premi D:
    WHY D:
    Nao i will ever get to see my 3 kittys D:
    Thanks alot Erik


    I was just looking for Gopets and then I found this me and my twin sister are 15 and we were premium users!!!
    Why would you get rid of a kids game?

  8. marina says:

    It was announced long before; on the gopets forum..
    also, if they can’t afford to keep up the game or for whatever reason.. then they simply can’t.
    The game’s sold to Zygna as you can read, I’m just hoping that they’ll actually do something with it..

  9. Shiny says:

    Seriously, I think you should stop with your Petville or whatever and bring GoPets back. Gopets was so much better than any other game on the internet, but I didnt know it was going to close, and never got to get screenshots of my pets.
    If anything, I wish Zynga would open gopets for a few days just so everyone who didnt know about the selling and retireing of GoPets can get some screenshots and say good bye to any friends they made…

  10. i want my kitties baack says:

    I hate you erick !! you sold the game for money for sure … u don’t mind how much we loved gopets and how much we want our puppies back….and i’m just to sad :( gopets was the only game that makes me happy when i was alone at home or sad for something..petville pet society no one of this game can compete with gopets. so please give us back the game i need it :( and not only me :(

  11. marina says:

    any news yet of when gopets will be up again? it’s been months :(