Blue_woozee2 Social Gaming Network (SGN) is probably best known for its suite of iPhone/iPod touch- and Facebook-friendly social games that include iBowl, Agency Wars, F.A.S.T. and Mafia: Respect and Retaliation. But those products could well be dwarfed by the company's upcoming initiative which it demoed today at TechCrunch50.

Going by the name Toybots, the new product from SGN is a platform designed to be sold into the toy industry and utilized in such a way that upcoming products which incorporate Toybots would seamlessly connect to the web. The outcome of that connectivity would be a business model that SGN says will "disrupt the gaming, entertainment and toy industries."

"We have been building the Toybots Platform for connected toys with full 3G, WiFi, GPS and accelerometer capabilities" and tied it to online and mobile games.

Says SGN of the platform: "Imagine a physical toy you can tickle online and it giggles in the real world. Imagine a grandmother in Iowa recording a family story and the toy telling the story to her grandchild in Florida."

Additionally, the Toybots platform will encourage the downloading of audio books as well to the toys, and play full online games. "Toybots will bridge mobile, online and physical gaming worlds together for the first time in an inspirational and unique way," says the company.

At today's presentation, SGN and ToyBots founder Shervin Pishevar and his Senior Director of Marketing Carrie Feigel demoed the platform via a plush toy they have dubbed Woozee..

The video below presents that demonstration.

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