Today TokenAds, a new virtual currency monetization platform, emerged from stealth mode to announce its presence and plans for future development. TokenAds is based in Tel Aviv and focuses on delivering offers primarily to users who do not speak English. Its current areas of focus are Europe, Latin America, and Asia. The company was founded earlier this year by Chaya Saggot and Or Ben-Naftali.

"The goal is to provide users from all over the world with an enormous
variety of familiar brand-name offers and locally translated
descriptions. Advertisers are hand-picked to display brands which are
well known to the end users [in the local markets where we operate]," said Saggot to Inside Facebook.

Right now TokenAds employs about fifteen people, serving ad offers from 2700 campaigns in nine languages to social games, online games, and apps. Right now TokenAds is focusing on the Facebook platform and its quickly-growing pool of international users. The platform tends to perform best in apps that draw most of their users from outside the United States, which should come as no surprise.

TokenAds is the first player in the ad offer space focusing purely on serving users who do not speak English. The European market has seen the emergence of SponsorPay and Supersonic Ads, who both focus on serving local markets with localized ads, but these companies will serve English-speaking Europeans as happily as anyone else. More internationally-focused monetization platforms like TokenAds will probably continue to spring up as Facebook builds out its global presence.

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