This week Tapjoy updated its Tapjoy SDK for iPhone with new support for Pinch Media's Pinch Analytics software. While previous versions of the SDK did support analytics, the Pinch Media support now lets iPhone app developers enjoy both Tapjoy and Pinch Analytics through a single dashboard. Pinch Analytics is a product designed specifically to help iPhone developers optimize revenues by tracking key feature usage, demographic data, retention, piracy, ad performance, and more.

"While the opportunity for innovation on mobile devices has increased
significantly in the past year, mobile app developers are still facing
great challenges and inefficiencies in monetizing and improving their
apps," said Lee Linden, Co-founder of Tapjoy. "By partnering with an industry leader like Pinch
Media we will more easily and quickly meet these needs by offering deep
analytics capabilities in tandem with monetization and audience growth

"In addition to the essential analytics capabilities we provide, developers
have asked us for easy-to-integrate options for application monetization,"
said Greg Yardley, co-founder and CEO of Pinch Media. "Our partnership
with Tapjoy is a perfect fit — the Tapjoy SDK makes optimizing advertising
and virtual goods as simple as adding our analytics."

Tapjoy's SDK integrates services from other companies, most notably Offerpal's Managed Offer Platform and rewarded app installs, in the interests of helping iPhone developers monetize their games better. Users can also handle mobile ad optimization and install certain multiplayer game features through Tapjoy's SDK. Tapjoy based on the SDK on data gathered in the course of developing the top-trated iPhone apps TapDefense, TapWords, and TapSudoku.

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