Scorelooplogo_480 Scoreloop and Unity Technologies are joining forces, today announcing the two technologies would be packaged together in a toolset for iPhone/iTouch game developers. Scoreloop's social gameplay software lies on top of game code and is designed to add a social element to gameplay.

The company's SDK adds high score rankings, the ability to issue multiplayer challenges, social networking, virtual currency, and an avatar system to games whose basic play mechanic result in high scores. Players on Scoreloop-enabled games issue challenges through their address book or social graph, or issue random challenges to anonymous players. The app uses a matchmaking algorithm designed to bring players of similar skill levels together.

Unity announced iPhone and iTouch support in December, 2008 and launched the Unity iPhone toolset in March.  The company already partners with Knowledge Adventure which used Unity to create its browser-based 3D virtual world Jumpstart. Cartoon Network's FusionFall virtual world/MMO is also built using the Unity 3D tool set.

Unity "Unity … offers the most sophisticated mobile social gaming platform for the iPhone," Scoreloop CEO Marc Gumpinger said. "[With Scoreloop,] Unity developers now get seamlessly integrated support for online high scores, player-to-player challenges and push notifications for even more thrilling games. We simply had to combine the two."

Additionally, Scoreloop promotes cross-platform play via the Scoreloop Community online and Scoreloop Community iPhone App.

In early June, Scoreloop announced that games containing the company's social gameplay software were available on the App Store (which then included the Scoreloop demo game Bug Landing as well as indie games Aeio, Submarine, and Zombie Pub Crawl). Scoreloop will support version 1.0.3 and the upcoming version 1.1 of Unity’s iPhone publishing tools.

This Scribd document offers an introduction to the Unity iPhone application.

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