Knowledge Adventure announced today that its educational world, JumpStart, has gone to a fully live launch. In beta since December 2008, the world has attracted over 1.5 million play sessions averaging over 45 minutes each. targets users  from 3-10, but Knowledge Adventure is also launching specific worlds within the website aimed at subsets of that group. Today the company launched Adventure Land, designed for kids aged 5-8.

Adventure Land still runs in the browser, based on Unity 3D, but offers new games and lessons targeted at older kids who aren’t yet tweens.

The world as a whole is free to play, but a monthly subscription of $7.99 lets the entire family join for extra features, like downloadable content, movies and music videos, rewards that can be used in the real world, and more parental features.

Knowledge Adventure hasn’t announced any numbers for its subscribers, but it seems like the experience as a whole is proving attractive to users. From November 2008 to  January 2009, covering the time of the public beta launch, Knowledge Adventure saw a 175% increase in traffic.

“The new launch signifies the company’s growth of its online world by constantly adding deep educational content that challenges the child through adventure-based learning as he/she grows,” Knowledge Adventure CEO David Lord said in a statement. “We have made a huge commitment and investment to the evolution of our business model both in terms of education and safety to create an environment that kids can enjoy and parents can trust.”

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One Response to JumpStart Passes 1.5 Million Sessions, Now Going Live

  1. I just spoke to Thomas Swalla at Engage Expo and it sounds like they have a lot of interesting things going on at Jumpstart. Definitely a company to keep an eye on I think.