Mind Candy announced today that its over 1.5 million monsters had been created for its virtual world, Moshi Monsters. Mind Candy has been aggressively expanding the world this year, first adding paid memberships to generate revenue last month.  Then, earlier this month, Mind Candy acquired Tutpup, an educational games site, to build out content. 

 "We've been absolutely amazed by the early growth of Moshi Monsters," CEO Michael Smith said in a statement. "Every month hundreds of thousands of children from all over world are joining the community and adopting their own pet monster. Children love the social gaming element while parents appreciate the educational qualities of the puzzle games."

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3 Responses to Quick Stat: Moshi Monsters Hits 1.5M User Mark

  1. ripped says:

    paid membership has very little to offer to the paying members, lots of kids are bored and complaining. and puzzles have many errors in it. i love moshi monsters but they charge more than club penguin with only 10% or less than what club penguin offers paying members. many users are not buying membership due to negative posts from members in the forum about whats in for the paying members. some call it a rip off. and i am a member. the only thing that kept me from cancelling membership is not to lose my monster color and thats it! thats USD 7.50 a month for a color!

  2. beecd says:

    Why dont someone ring the compeny and say to make it free or someone pay it for me and my username is zarb1 ok

  3. rossko says:

    i know i tought u could climb the mountain but how it said that in the tour